My favorite feature on IMDB — and why it’s so silly

I find IMDB useful for two reasons. The first — figuring out who played what and when — has been almost-perfectly co-opted by Wikipedia (which has the additional benefit of including full plot summaries/reviews). The second has not — and that function is the subject of this post.

I’ve wanted to watch Iron Sky since I first saw the trailer [and if you haven’t seen the trailer — even if you have no plans to read the rest of this post — watch and become enlightened]:

So when I discovered that the movie was now available on Netflix, well, I didn’t really have a choice but to watch. After the credits rolled (for seven minutes!), I logged onto IMDB to check something specific — honestly, I don’t remember what — and since I was already on the site, I took a short detour to my favorite part: the list of “goofs”.

Here are three of the five things people either noticed were wrong, or felt compelled to fact-check:

At the end, when the camera pans up from the Moon base to view Earth through the crater created by the Gotterdammerung, we see Earth three-quarter covered in shadow; in the next shot, when the camera reverses its position and tracks backward from the moon over Earth we see the sun rise up behind the Moon, effectively creating a lunar eclipse. Were that the case we should have seen Earth as a full disc with no shadow in the first shot.

The motorcycle in the opening scene is a CJ750 built in China not a BMW that the Germans used. The CJ is a copy of the BMW750.

Although there is a presidential election happening, the movie takes place in 2018, a year when there wouldn’t be a presidential election. (Presidential elections only happen in years where the last two digits are evenly divisible by 4 – 2012, 2016, 2020.

First of all, Presidential Campaign season never really ends in the United States. Mitt Romney ran for, what — seven years?

Second of all, I couldn’t help but notice that the list is tragically incomplete. In case you didn’t watch the trailer, here are some other factual inaccuracies:

  • Whoever the US President is in 2018, she will not in any way resemble Sarah Palin (who was recently let go by FOX News).
  • The US has no plans to send a manned spaceship to the moon in the vicinity of 2018.
  • If the United States did manage to send a manned spaceship to the moon in 2018, the astronaut would not be a model. He would be an astronaut.
  • Nazis did not possess the technology to reach the moon in 1945.
  • Nazis did not flee to the moon in 1945.
  • The moon is decidedly metal-poor – and that’s a lot of spaceships presumably made of something other than moonrock.
  • The United States will not have a badass space battleship ready to fight off a Nazi and/or alien invasion by 2018.
  • Explosions in space do not work that way.
  • People who spent their whole lives on the moon and suddenly found themselves on Earth would not be in any shape to deliver lines like “and wipe all these sub-humans off the map” in sinister tones. They would probably have trouble getting out of bed.

I’ll limit my list to elements clearly noticeable in the trailer (even though I’m sure there are more in the trailer, and of course in the movie itself), because you get the idea.

Before you object that some of the inaccuracies I listed are really predictions — fair enough, and I’m happy to stand by this post when 2018 rolls around and we still haven’t built the USS Enterprise (mark it on your calendars).

To be fair to whoever made the trailer, all that laughter from around :40 really is in response to the one of the two funniest parts of the movie — the other being an inspired cover of Hitler’s performance in Downfall.

Seriously, for Netflix, you probably won’t do much better.


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