If I forget thee, O Jerusalem Post

Friday was one in a hundred million. According to Meg Urry, physics and astronomy professor at Yale, those are the chances of Friday’s asteroid fly-by and Russian meteor occurring in the same day. As I noted on Twitter, it’s almost enough to make one suspect the two events might have been somehow related.

But leaving aside the whole crazy circumstances thing, I wanted to draw your attention to the media coverage of the meteor strike in particular. Here’s a sample of headlines from around the world:

Russian meteor blast injures at least 1,000 people, authorities say – CNN

More than 1000 injured as meteor debris strikes Russia – National Business Review

Great balls of fire! Meteor blast hurts 1000 Russians – The Australian

Streaking meteor explodes in Russian sky, injuring nearly 1000 – NBC News

Meteor hits Russia, 1,000 injured – Emirates 24/7

Hundreds injured in Russian meteor blast – The Independent

Exploding Meteor Smashes Windows, Injuring 100 in Russia’s Urals – Bloomberg

Meteor injures up to 1000 in Russia – Irish Times

Russian meteorite leaves 1,000 injured – The Financial Times

I’m going to stop here because you surely get the idea. Leaving aside allegations that the meteorite was Russian — for the love of god, It Came From Outer Space! — the headlines share a common theme: a meteor struck Russia, and it injured 1,000 people.

But I noticed that the Jerusalem Post had a little bit of a unique perspective:

JPost Meteor Synagogue



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