Someone has Seattle’s back (and Macklemore’s front)

I no longer attend the University of Pennsylvania, but I am still friends with Under the Button on Facebook.

I usually ignore the posts — since, as I just said, I no longer attend the University of Pennsylvania — but when said Facebook page referenced Seattle-area rapper Macklemore in a title, I was naturally curious and decided to click.

Apparently, someone — possibly SPEC, but I don’t care enough to speculate (lol) — went to the trouble of chalking a whole bunch of musicians along Locust Walk on Friday. Obviously, they can’t all be coming to Spring Fling (assuming any of them are), but it was apparently enough to get a post in UTB which is — I assume — all the chalkers really wanted anyway. After all, why does anyone do anything at Penn if not to get a post in UTB? [Editor’s note: note the recommended links!]

Anyway, I was pleased to note that the chalk drawing of Macklemore featured the word SEATTLE prominently across his chest:

Macklemore - UTB

Actually, even before I was pleased, my first thought was “duh”: Macklemore is from Seattle. He’s a huge Seattle sports fan. He’s friends with Pete Carroll. He wrote that touching tribute to Dave Niehaus. He wears Seattle stuff all the time. Of course he’s repping Seattle.

But then I realized that’s not true. In fact, by all rights, he most definitely shouldn’t be. And the fact that he is is why I can confidently claim that someone at SPEC has Seattle’s back.

Actually, hold on a moment. Before I explain myself fully, bear with me while I demonstrate that the Locust Walk chalk drawings were based on actual photographs of the various performers. This is a very important element of my deduction.

Behold, Macklemore, as he looked before someone turned him into a chalk outline (chas vshalom):

Macklemore - Wings

Here’s Katy Perry (hilariously rendered in cotton candy colors):

Katy-Perry - UTB


And here’s Janelle Monae (who, bee tee dubs, is awesome):

Janelle-Monae - UTB


I’m not going to go through every performer. But you get the point — that the drawings did not spring Athena-like from the artist’s head — except for, probably, what any of this has to do with having Seattle’s back.

Well, that photograph of Macklemore above is actually incomplete. It’s from the promotional material from “Wings” (I am appropriately writing this post on Michael Jordan’s 50th birthday — even though it won’t be published in time to celebrate, which is why I made that same joke on Twitter while it was still timely!) and if you zoom out a bit —

Macklemore - Wings

— it’s hard not to notice that the jersey says something other than “Seattle.”

You might think that whoever did the chalking was concerned you might mistake Macklemore for some other famous rapper from Chicago, and wrote SEATTLE to identify him clearly, but then why did he also go to the trouble to write “Macklemore” alongside the otherwise unmistakable portrait?

Someone at Spec is looking out for the good people of Seattle. Q.E.D.

And if Macklemore does show up in April, just remember: Franklin Field can’t hold us.

206. Represent.


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