My pick for prediction of the year

I am always behind on my reading: for school, for pleasure, for any other reason — doesn’t matter what for, I’m behind.

And yet, I persevere. I keep all the magazines I’ve yet to get to, and I fully intend to read them… one day.

I don’t feel a particular need to justify this habit — but if I did, said justification would probably start with the following except from the January 20, 2013 edition of the New York Times Magazine. Please do enjoy:


By Matt Bai

For 20 years, independents have searched for a legitimate challenger to the two-party system. Jesse Venture was too volatile, John McCain (circa 2000) too party-loyal, Mike Bloomberg too unavailable. But with his Defense Department nomination, Chuck Hagel, a centrist blunt talker, is a man without a party. You can expect to hear his name as 2016 approaches.

Well, that took considerably less time than anything dredged up by the Bad Opinion Generator.


Yes, I realize it is within the realm of possibility that Hagel’s standing with the public will change dramatically over the next four years. I am happy to stand by what I wrote in the event that he does somehow receive serious consideration for President in 2016. In other words, feel free to bookmark this page.


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