The DP’s real motivation for reporting on the Penn admissions essay scandal today

As reported in this morning’s Daily Pennsylvanian, a Penn admissions officer was let go after sharing excerpts from undergrad application essays she reviewed:

Near the end of 2012, Penn’s Office of Admissions was made aware of a series of online posts written by Nadirah Farah Foley [in which she] mocked a number of student essays she had come across in her work.

What types of horrible, inappropriate, deeply embarrassing excerpts did she post? The DP was happy to publish some samples:

In one essay, a student had written about his “long and deep” connections to the University, citing the fact that he had been circumcised at Penn Hillel years ago.

“I look forward to engaging in the academic, social and Orthodox Jewish communities on campus,” the student wrote, according to Foley’s post.

“Stop the madness,” Foley said in response to the essay on Facebook.

In another excerpt, she quoted an essay in which an applicant had described the experience of overcoming his fear of using the bathroom outdoors while camping in the wilderness.

“Another gem,” Foley wrote of the student’s topic choice.

Orthodox Judaism on Penn’s campus? Camping in the wilderness? Personally, I’d admit both of ’em. [Though maybe not the Orthodox kid, depending on whether his essay evinced an awareness that the Penn Hillel in which he lost part of his body is not the same building he hopes to frequent come fall, unless he is some kind of crazy child genius who was circumcised since Steinhardt Hall opened in 2003, in which case, let him in.]

I’m more interested in why the DP decided to cover this story now. After all:

[The posts] were made available through a collection of Facebook screenshots sent anonymously to Dean of Admissions Eric Furda and The Daily Pennsylvanian on Dec. 3… As of press time, Foley’s LinkedIn page indicated that she has not been with the University since the end of 2012 — just weeks after the Facebook incident was brought to light.

You might notice that today’s date is February 27, meaning the DP has been aware of incident for nearly three months. I suppose it’s news that Foley no longer works for Penn admissions, but might the DP have some other motivation for finally reporting on the firing only today?

Well, there is one more thing you should know about the fired admissions officer: According to the DP article, Foley was “a 2011 Princeton University graduate.” Now where have I heard of Princeton before? And why might the DP be interested in drumming up anti-Princeton animus? To push some merchandise, perhaps?

And don’t forget the print ad:

Puck Frinceton ad in the DP

Still think the timing of the DP’s expose was a coincidence?


And, oh yeah — one more thing:

Puck Frinceton


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