Youtube curse broken – at least for a while

Youtube comments can be fun and adventurous and troubling and unpredictable and bizarre and questionable and wonderful, but as noted previously, the most you could say about the first sixteen comments on Drew Brees’ Nyquil commercial — which I uploaded to Youtube — was that they were comments.

They pretty much all followed the same particular  pattern, which is a nice way of saying that every single redundant comment was redundantly interested in the song that plays in the background of the commercial. And even after I listed those first 16 comments in order toward the end of January, they didn’t stop coming:

17. song:
18. Does any1 know the song?
20. song?
21. It is not J. Ralph [editor’s note: someone had suggested in comment 14 that it was J. Ralph]
22. I want to know the artist of this song now! Please!
23. It seems like it really is “J Ralph – One Million Miles Away” but it’s some type of remix… same notes really, just different instruments. I will get to the bottom of this.
24. I want this song!
25. Sounds like Spooky Back but not quite…
26. yea i want to know the name of the song
27. yea it’s a dope track…

But it would be a shame to leave the record incomplete. This post should help remedy that. So it was, that it wasn’t until comment 28 that someone finally chimed in with something even anonymous could be proud of:

28. 0:21 gosh i wish i could curl up in his big arms right there. he’s a super sexy man.

And right on cue, as though just one real Youtube comment was some sort of a magic charm, someone piped in with more specific, potentially helpful-sounding information:

29. for all who’ve been wondering- the song is personality by lloyd price. this version is covered by taharqa patterson.

Google refuses to confirm the accuracy of this information, but the important thing is that the curse seems to have been broken! After 27 straight posts all interested in the same damn thing, the video is finally starting to accrue comments about aspects of the video other than the damn soundtrack:

30. Anyone else agree that liquid DayQuil and NyQuil is freakin nasty? Lol

Ken yirbu. But just because the commercial finally joined the ranks of regularly-commented Youtube videos doesn’t mean people lost interest in the song altogether:




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