Where Palestinians and Glenn Beck can find common ground

The answer to the riddle I posed in the subject of this post: Bethlehem.

Here’s a Glenn Beck compilation, with some choice excerpts from the first two years of Obama’s presidency [it makes for a nice soundtrack as you read this post, and hopefully check out the bonus links at the end]:

And here’s a recent story out of the West Bank, via Algemeiner:

Palestinians Vandalize Obama Billboard With Swastikas

The Palestinian protest against the upcoming visit of US President Barack Obama in Israel and the Palestinian Authority is gaining momentum: On Monday dozens of Bethlehem residents vandalized a large billboard bearing the image of the US president.

The young Palestinians were protesting over what they see as America’s pro-Israel policy – they stressed that the president would not receive a warm welcome in Bethlehem.

obama in bethlehem

The accusations are, of course, patently ridiculous. As I’ve demonstrated previously, Obama is not even a grammar Nazi; if anything, he’s the other kind of WWII adversary. But it’s nice to see that his visit to Israel can bring together some people who don’t always get along. Nobel Peace Prize FTW.


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