Please do take your sweet time coming home, Obama

For once, some good news out of Washington:

Marking a moment of almost unprecedented bipartisanship in Congress, the House today passed a short-term budget bill aimed at funding the government through the end of September – with a whole six days to go before the federal government is slated to shut down.

“It’s a good day for the American people,” said House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, in a press conference shortly after the bill was approved.

Unprecedented bipartisanship. That’s basically unprecedented. Surely, there’s gotta be a catch — right?

In a bipartisan vote of 318-109, the bill, which originated in the House but was amended by the Senate, will now go to the president’s desk for a signature.

Just as I suspected, a minor hold-up!: The President is in Israel and won’t get back to his desk until Saturday, which means there are three whole days for something to go wrong before the bill can be signed.

Then again, maybe it’s not a coincidence that the day after the President leaves the country, Congress finally managed to get something done… on second thought, maybe Obama shouldn’t  rush back.

Mr. President, please consider extending your trip another three days — that is, once the shutdown has been officially averted — even if that means you have to sign that unprecedented bill with a precedented autopen.


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