Rachels, Rachels everywhere…

I know enough people named Rachel that if you ever try to tell me a story featuring “Rachel” and don’t also mention some unique identifier (e.g. last name, prominent feature), you’d probably have been just as well off skipping the name altogether.

In fact, that very sequence of events once transpired, prompting me to point out that “I’d be surprised if I had less (sic) than 20 Rachel friends on Facebook.” 20 was a wild, uncarefully-considered guess — but I was, of course, quite proud when I checked the actual number of Facebook friends I had who were named Rachel… and the correct answer was exactly 20.* Heroic feats of guesstimation aside, the point of my narrative so far is simply this: we all know no shortage of people with Rachel for a first name.

But Rachel for a last name? I’d personally never heard of it (and Idan Raichel doesn’t count). Until, that is, I glanced up at my Facebook newsticker, and discovered Mark Zuckerberg had given me an early Passover present (yes, I’m easy to please):

Rachels what blurry

Not only did I behold my first-ever Rachel-as-last-name, but — immediately beneath/above it (depending on  your perspective) — my second Rachel-as-last-name! — Friended by two different people! — Who showed up on my newsticker consecutively! — Right on top of a third person who boasts Rachel as a first name! Who thought she would ever lose two-to-one?

And no, “Passover presents” isn’t a thing.


*FTR, the number has gone up by five in the year and three months since. And I don’t even have graph search yet.


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