Where crosswalks are even more dangerous than New York’s

The New York Times reported Tuesday on a recent study that found Crosswalks in New York Are Not Havens. The article’s been making the rounds on the Facebook and the Twitter, so I’m not going to dwell on it at length, but here’s the part that’s relevant to the headline and what I want to briefly talk about:

Of those injured on the street, 44 percent used a crosswalk, with the signal, compared with 23 percent who crossed midblock and 9 percent who crossed against the signal.

But if you think that’s bad, at least the crosswalk situation in New York is better than it is in Phoenix [technically, Litchfield Park, but it’s not clear that Phoenix ever really comes to an end], where drivers are actually urged to keep moving anytime a bicycle or adult pedestrian — you know, anyone who is not a “children” — uses a crosswalk:

Stop when children in crosswalk

I apologize for the poor readability of that sign. If you don’t feel like squinting or clicking to enlarge, it says, “STOP WHEN CHILDREN IN CROSSWALK”.

Any other time, of course — indeed, any other people — drive right on through.


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