The greatest translation engine fail of all time. All time.

I’ve given Facebook and Bing a hard time in the past for their inability to translate anything — or, at least, translate anything from Hebrew. I can’t speak to their translations from all the languages I don’t speak, but I imagine they do a similarly terrible job.

But all the mistakes, all the horribleness, all the epic fails — they were all worth it, if just for this one exquisite debacle. Get ready for the single greatest translation engine fail of all time, courtesy of my brother (who found it), Chabad of Nicaragua (who posted it), Facebook (who housed it), and Bing (who translated it).

The Facebook post in question is publicly available (scroll all the way down), but way too big to screenshot and post here directly. So I ran the critical words through Bing’s actual website just to confirm it wasn’t a one-off, context-based rendering. If you speak Hebrew and know what’s up, just check out the screenshot here, and feel free to stop reading.

Everyone else, allow me to explain. Here’s what Chabad of Nicaragua wrote: יחי אדוננו מורנו ורבינו מלך המשיח לעולם ועד!!!

The phrase is associated with the Chabad Lubavitch movement, specifically the Messianic strand that has popped up since his death (“death”) in 1994, and which has taken some criticism from mainstream Judaism for basically being Christianity without a cross.

It literally means, “Long Live our Master, our Teacher, and our Rabbi, King Messiah, for ever and ever,” and has served as a litmus test to separate those Lubavitchers who believe the Rebbe was the Messiah from those who do not. But enough with the background. Let’s get to the translations.

Google Translate manages to acquit itself quite nicely, rendering the phrase: “Long live our master teacher and Rebbe the messiah king forever!”

Bing Translator, on the other hand, decided to take sides: “Long live our Lord Christ forever King indeed Moreno!!!”

Amen indeed.


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