Happy Earth Day to the ground

The books you can see below were assembled haphazardly: at different times, from various places, for an assortment of reasons, and I have yet — yet — to read a single one of them.

But when I walked past my bookshelf this morning, I couldn’t help but notice that this collection of random bindings shares a single common techelet-colored thread:


From left: two blue-colored books, a canoe, water, a river, a pump, a spring — all celebrating our beautiful blue planet — or as the right-most book calls it, the Earth.

Happy Blue Planet Day!


Now if only this message could have been sponsored by something other than a collection of dead trees.


3 thoughts on “Happy Earth Day to the ground”

      1. I looked in it for the first time to figure out who someone was just this week. Not the most efficient way to accomplish things, but it did work for that one thing. Happy Earth Day!


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