Just what does Google have against Easter?

On Thursday, I wrote about eggs in honor of Pesach’s mensiversary, so it felt only appropriate to take the opportunity today to celebrate Easter Sheni with an article (perhaps more appropriately) on the same subject.

Which comes as well-deserved and overdue recognition, if you ask some. Those people were outraged when the Google doodle on Easter Sunday featured not the Jesus, but the namesake of Cesar Chavez Day (a birthday celebrated in California, Colorado, and Texas). Here’s one such response:

It’s a small thing, of course, but this kind of thing, accumulated, signals an intention to de-Christianization of our culture, and the creation of an intentional hostility to Christianity that will eventually cease to be latent, or minor.

And this outrage was backed up not only with words, but with drastic action:

Today I switch to Bing since #google thinks Christ is less important that (sic) Cesar Chavez, socialist labor leader on EAST DAY! – Lisa Schreckenstein

I am ow a BING follower….and so after a few phone calls and posts I made today..so are many of my Friends and Family. – Diane Daly

Yeah, that threat seems credible. I can just picture these ladies using Google to find the name of Microsoft’s alternative.

But much like its namesake — the War on Christmas — those who fight the Good Fight in the War on Easter have it all exactly backwards: just as the onset of Christmas continuously encroaches on the rest of the calendar into Thanksgiving and Halloween, so too Easter season now extends across a bloated holiday season.

And if you think Google isn’t a part of that celebration, you probably already use Bing. Granted, searching the history of Google doodles doesn’t turn up a design expressly commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ (slash some colored eggs) since 2000 — and perhaps adding insult to injury, hilariously turns up the Chavez doodle as well


— but try to keep some perspective: we’re talking about a company that basically celebrates Easter 365 days a year. Here’s a short list of Easter-inspired Google features you might recognize:

On Google.com, try searching for “the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything”, “anagram” (better: “define anagram”), “do a barrel roll”, “zerg rush”, or “recursion”.

On Google Maps, ask for directions from China to Japan, or from The Shire to Mordor.

On Youtube, search “do the harlem shake”.

And those were just the ones I could think of off the top of my head. For a complete list, check out the Wikipedia article on Easter Eggs.


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