No, Candy Land didn’t *just* become sexy

Peggy Orenstein published a short blog post Thursday in the Atlantic about Candy Land. Drawing her readers’ attention to the classic board game’s modern portrayal of female characters like Princess Lolly and Queen Frostine, Orenstein wonders what the constant bombardment of “images of women whose bodies range from unattainable to implausible” does to impressionable children.

Here are the characters in question (guess which one’s which):

queen frostine

princess lolly

I have to admit, she does have something of a point. These aren’t your grandmother’s candy princesses — heck, they’re not even your candy princesses.

Orenstein’s article has received a critical reception — particularly from those who suspect her of plagiarizing the inspiration for this post from another article penned in 2012 (a charge she vigorously denies). But I have a different question for a woman who wrote something online and titled it Even Candy Land Isn’t Safe From Sexy: Whatever gave you the crazy idea that Candy Land was “safe from sexy”??

Hasn’t been remotely true since 2010:

In fact, count your blessings Hasbro hasn’t yet come out with a Katy Perry/Snoop Dogg edition.


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