Now that Jason Collins is out, which major league sports league is next?

Earlier this week, Jason Collins came out as the first gay male athlete playing professionally in a major American sport. Some sort of announcement of this sort had been expected for some time, but the details — who, where, when, how (,why)? — were the topic of a certain amount of blind speculation.

As it turns out, Collins chose to come out in the pages of Sports Illustrated, and while his announcement caused a minor sensation when it hit the nation’s newsstands, I imagine one distinct group of people — who knew exactly what was going to happen — managed to take the news in stride. I speak, of course, of the staff over at Sports Illustrated.

Meanwhile, Collins may have broken the rainbow barrier in the NBA, but the NFL, MLB, MLS, and NHL still haven’t seen anyone come out of the closet. As we’ve seen, it’s only a matter of time — but that leaves open the question who, and when? And again, I think there’s one group of people with all the answers.

That’s why I’ve been scouring sports coverage across the nation — for the off chance that one has a scoop and accidentally tips its hand. And I think I’ve finally got something — in the pages of Yahoo! Sports. As you can see, one of these headlines is not like the others:

yahoo sports

Unremarkable daily pitching matchups don’t usually garner headlines — so why would some Yahoo! employee deliberately to draw your attention a face-off between Dickey and Johnson? Does he know something we don’t? Is Dickey vs. Johnson really going to be Dickey on Johnson?

Anything could happen. And you heard it here first.


OK, so the article actually turns out to be an injury status update — not a pitching matchup — but do notice that whoever wrote the headline left out headliner Strasburg. And I refuse to believe that was entirely by accident.

And if you’re upset because this is an immature and frivolous post — first of all, you must not be from round these parts — and second of all, you ain’t seen nothing yet.


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