That’s my joke, damnit Colbert!

The offending witticism, from his April 29 segment about homosexuality and the civil rights movement, We Shall Undermine:

Ski at last

OK maybe not precisely the same joke, but certainly close enough to arouse suspicion.

Though to be fair, he didn’t call the segment “Ski Shall Undermine” — as I surely would have — because, frankly, that wouldn’t make any sense. Unlike my jokes. Which always make perfect sense. When I make them. Trust me, this makes perfect sense.


Post title intended as an homage to Colbert’s former co-worker Steve Carell and the dearly departed Michael Scott:

Doctor: “Does the skin look red & swollen?”
Dwight: “That’s what she said”
Michael: “Thats my joke, dammit Dwight!”

Season 2, Episode 12: “The Injury”


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