Quick thoughts on the book-domino Guinness Book of World Records record

What do you get when you lock almost 30 people in a library for seven hours? A world record for the longest domino chain made out of falling books, of course:

Four quick thoughts:

1) I reeeeally wish they’d misspelled ‘Read’.

2) 27 volunteers x 7 hours = 189 wo/man-hours. If they’d really wanted to promote summer reading, maybe they should have all spent that time reading. And it’s not like the video reinforces good reading habits — the only behavior I see it reinforcing is the one where you go on the internet and distract yourself with cute videos.

3) I don’t mean to nitpick, but… just kidding, I absolutely mean to nitpick:

Youtube dominos

Alright, Seattle Public Library. The way this works is you list the numbers in numerical order: 2,131 then 112 then 27 then 1… or the other way around. Doesn’t matter – either way would work. The way you did it only makes sense after you convert 112 slices into a number of whole pizzas (14). But you didn’t. So it doesn’t.

Maybe it would be easier for all you librarians if you pretended you had to order these items like they’re the Dewey Decimal System. Which brings me to #4…

4) I sincerely hope they used book sale books and not ones they had to reshelve when they were all done.


2 thoughts on “Quick thoughts on the book-domino Guinness Book of World Records record”

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