The happiest person about Tim Tebow signing is, unsurprisingly, not Tim Tebow

Until the post immediately preceding this one, I had never before mentioned Tim Tebow on this blog. But just five hours after Hillary Clinton joined Twitter, he was trending in her place —


— so it felt like the time had finally come. Foreshadowing.

But just like it’s worth keeping Twitter-famous separate from real-famous, ESPN seems to be having some trouble differentiating between the micr0-blogging platform and its macro-blogging progenitors. Specifically, the network’s Patriots Reporter, Mike Reiss, was in such a c/rush to share the news that he decided to press publish after writing just two sentences:

Tebow on ESPN

The decision to post this report through ESPN’s website and not Twitter appears all the more curious when you consider that replacing ‘More’ with ‘Skip Bayless’ would not have come close to putting the message over 140 characters.


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