Arrested Development blue my mind — again

Ever since the new season came out on Memorial Day, I’ve been busy watching Arrested Development — but not Season 4. Because it’s been six or seven years since I first saw the original series, I decided to rewatch the whole thing so as to better enjoy the new season. So far, I’ve nearly made it through the end of Season 2, but based on the reviews I’ve come across — and I try to avoid them, because spoilers — I’m not missing out on a whole lot by not having yet caught up. And even if I end up disappointed by the new episodes, no matter: committing myself to watching Seasons 1 through 3 hardly constitutes a tircha.*

But enough about current events, and more about what I was doing exactly one year ago today: reading Prince of Tides by Pat Conroy. This is not the sort of detail I typically track, but that very book just so happened to inspire a June 12, 2012 post titled, This obscenely tasteless post goes out to all you Arrested Development fans. To fully appreciate what’s about to come, I strongly encourage you to head over and review that post before you come back here to finish reading — I’m going to assume you have a passing familiarity with its content going forward because there’s no use rehashing the whole thing blow-by-blow.

Just kidding: I mainly wanted to work in that “blow-by-blow”. If for some reason you decided not to click on that link and kept reading anyway, you may have made a tiny huge mistake, but I’m still happy to give you a bare-bones summary: I had literally never heard of Pat Conroy or Prince of Tides before it was heartily recommended to me by a good friend, and after reading it, I tied a few events it describes into an inappropriate Arrested Development-inspired joke. I have never taken notice of either Pat Conroy or Prince of Tides in any context other than what I just described — I haven’t seen the movie, it hasn’t been randomly referenced on Archer, nothing — neither before nor since.

Or so I thought — until today.

I was rewatching Season 2, Episode 15, “Sword of Destiny”, and was hardly two minutes into the episode before Tobias proclaimed, “Time for me to take off my receptionist skirt and put on my Barbara Streisand in the Prince Of Tides ass-masking therapist pantsuit.”

My response was pretty much the same as Michael’s: “What?”

So as it turns out, I have come across Prince of Tides before — the first time I watched Arrested Development. It obviously didn’t register back then, but it is pretty amazing that David Cross once dropped a fairly random line referencing a particular character in a specific book — and that, five or six years after seeing that, I was inspired to write a blog post involving Tobias Funke and his occupation as a therapist and the very therapist he referenced in that fairly random line concerning masked asses.

Mind bluen.

And so I end this post in the exact same way I ended the other: Thank you, Tobias Funke.




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