The Daily Show, undermining journalistic integrity

As you may or may not be aware, Jon Stewart is currently in Jordan, filming a movie about Iranian dissidents. In his place, John Oliver is serving as the (hopefully-temporary) host of the Daily Show.

But you wouldn’t know anything had changed from following the show’s Twitter account. This is what the Daily Show with John Oliver looks like:

Daily Show with John Oliver

And you certainly wouldn’t know it from visiting the Daily Show website:


And it all just seemed like harmless oversight — perhaps Jon Stewart’s desperate attempt to hang onto power in his own absence — until today, when the half-hearted transfer of power went a step too far, and tricked a poor New York Times reporter into losing his credibility:

Sure, it was a good segment — but come on, Mark Bittman, do you actually open any of the links you Tweet out? Not only was the clip primarily the work of Al Madrigal, but it was hosted by (obviously) John Oliver. The saddest part was that the “(Jon Stewart)” flourish was entirely and completely unnecessary. All this awkwardness could have been so easily avoided.

Now which half-hearted environmentalist/vegetarian am I going to turn to next time I need a recipe for “Shrimp, Simply Spanish” or twenty five recipes for bacon?


Here’s a screenshot of the status in case Bittman corrects his mistake and takes down the original.


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