The NSA just might owe Edward Snowden a big thank you

Government-type people don’t seem too happy with Edward Snowden. By blowing the whistle on big brother-like behavior, Snowden complicated efforts to track terrorists and prevent them from attacking the United States. But the government’s not the only entity that will be forced to change its behavior — turns out, terrorists keep up with the news, and have begun to behave differently, too:

A top Republican lawmaker claimed Thursday terrorists have already started to change their behavior after a self-described NSA whistleblower leaked information about classified U.S. surveillance programs to various media outlets, saying the leaks may make it “harder to track bad guys.”

The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Mich., declined to provide specifics on what terrorists he was referring to, only saying there are “changes we can already see being made by the folks who wish to do us harm, and our allies harm.”

He also said the revelations might “make it harder to track bad guys trying to harm U.S. citizens in the United States.”

But while it seems perfectly plausible that the terrorrorists changed their behavior as a result of the revelations, I feel the need to take issue with one of Roger’s allegations — specifically, that these changes are such a bad thing.

Sure, it’s now harder to track the terrorists, but if Rogers was really clever, it might have occurred to him that now we know exactly who the bad guys are: just look for the people who behaved one way until June 5, and totally and completely changed their behavior immediately thereafter. Boom, you’ve got your terrorists.

Now, I haven’t taken Evidence, so I can’t speculate whether this sort of information would ever be admissible in court, but there’s an easy solution for that dilemma, too: send them to Guantanamo.


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