Elisheva Goldberg: evolution of an anti-Israel activist

What’s that terrorist-sympathizing cousin of mine been up to? Would you believe it, something Jewish — sort of.

Dear Ollis Shvoonkels spent her 17 Tammuz, like me, observing the fast — and incorporating the event into her writing:

Today is the 17th day of Tammuz, a fast day for observant Jews, one which marks the day the walls of Jerusalem fell. It’s a sad day, one that begins the three-week period of mourning for the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem. These weeks, and especially fast days that bookend them, are about remembering the experience of loss. Losing a place, a tradition, a way of life. They are hard, they are long, and they are why I decided to go to the South Hebron Hills today, to a place known as “Firing Zone 918.”

The gathering was organized by the Association for Civil Rights in Israel and Breaking the Silence, among others. And it was an answer to the rallying cry of a group of Israeli authors who had signed a letter penned by one of their number—David Grossman—who called to all “those who are still able to listen” to “do something to bend back the occupation’s giant, cruel hand,” this time in Firing Zone 918.

You can head over the Zion Square [sic] to read the whole thing.

None of this would be noteworthy — Goldberg’s daily occupation, if you will[, it is no dream] — had her latest expression of anti-Israel sentiment [bolded, as usual] not helped her acquire a brand new friend. Fellow travelers, if you will[, it is no dream]:


All of which raises some very important kvestions: what are these nice bochurim even doing on the internet yemach shemo? And interacting with a woman, no less.

I think I’ve found the real shanda.


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