Paper Treiger braces for upcoming worker’s comp claim

I always joke I want to hire an intern. Like everyone else, I’m behind on life, and an extra set of hands to do all the things I’d like to but don’t have time for would go a long way towards fixing that problem — and until I can clone myself, an intern is the only viable option.

But as I said, that’s a pipe dream; though it has twice featured guest bloggers, this blog has always been wholly owned and operated by a single individual. It has never hired an employee to do its work, dirty or otherwise.

With one exception.

Back in 2011, when Paper Treiger was the subject of virulent protest less than one short week after its inauguration, it hired UC Davis Police Lt. John Pike to disperse the dirty occupiers:

Orange spray5

And now he’s back in the headlines, demanding workers’ comp from his former employer for “psychiatric damages”:

Pike’s home and e-mail addresses were posted online after videos of him walking back and forth spraying students with the chemical irritant went viral.

The union that represents UC Davis police officers said Pike subsequently received more than 17,000 angry or threatening e-mails, 10,000 text messages and hundreds of letters, plus unwanted magazines, products and food delivered to his home.

He has moved several times and changed his phone number and e-mail address to avoid the harassment, the union said.

So far, Pike has only filed his claim with UC Davis — but I expect it’s only a matter of time before he comes after Paper Treiger, too. That’s where the real money is. Time to lawyer up.


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