Susan G. Komen wouldn’t let them use “for the Cure”, so these cancer orgs did them one better

I was reminded yesterday by Wired that the more browser tabs you keep open at once, the faster your computer’s battery will drain. That’s a bit of a problem, because I keep track of what I want to write about by leaving browser tabs open — and those open tabs can add up quickly, especially when I haven’t written in a while. So for the sake of energy efficiency and battery-life conservation, I’m going to try to knock off some browser tabs in short order. Let’s see how this goes.

First up, Susan G. Komen for the Cure. You’re probably familiar with this now-controversial organization after it made headlines the past few years in all the wrong ways: overselling mammograms, cutting off Planned Parenthood, and most memorably — to me, anyway — filing suit to defend its exclusive use of the phrase “for the Cure.”

Nowadays, if you google that specific term, every actual single search result on page 1 (to the exclusion of clever advertisers) comes up Komen:


As a result of — I presume — all the negative publicity, Komen sort of dropped off the national radar. Or at least off my personal radar. It doesn’t matter why or how or when — the point is I didn’t think about Komen for a while. But the organization didn’t go away; its legacy lives on. And I have photographic proof.

[But first, a brief disclaimer: What I’m about to share with you is (obviously) not of my own creation, or the product of my own creativity. In short, it’s possible I was tickled by some really old news. Still, I hadn’t seen it until now, I thought it was clever, and I wanted to make sure you’d seen it and had a chance to appreciate it as well. My apologies if you already have.]

So without further ado, check out this magazine ad for various cancer research organizations and programs they run in the Washington, DC area:

Baby komeni

If you’re having some trouble making out those words, the important parts are “Andrea Kauffman Sprint Four the Cure” and “Drive Fore the Cure Golf Classic.”

Pure genius. Cancer research 4 the win!


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