Reza Aslan can’t talk about Jesus? Reza Aslan literally is Jesus

[Editor’s note: This post was already about a week behind the times when I wrote it two and a half weeks ago, so my apologies in advance for stretching the limits of your memory/interest/attention span.]

FOX has deservedly taken flak over its journalist’s treatment of Muslim author Reza Aslan on-air. Not only was the question ‘How can a Muslim write about Jesus?’ absurd on its face, but it highlighted a glaring double standard within the ranks of FOX journalists themselves:

Questioning Aslan’s expertise on Jesus is absurd for another reason as well.

Before I explain, full disclosure: I have not yet actually watched the controversial FOX clip. And you might suppose that, as an avowed non-viewer of FOX News, I am unqualified to discuss a specific piece of footage that appeared on that network.

But here’s the thing: like Reza Aslan, I don’t need a license to talk about anything I want. I don’t need to degrade myself by watching even one moment of FOX News in order to recognize the utter absurdity of alleging a Muslim is somehow not qualified to talk about Jesus. And Reza has one up on me. As it turns out, Aslan literally (and by this, I literally mean figuratively) is Jesus:

I connected the dots for this post on Friday night [that is, back on August 2]. Later that night, I started reading Bridge to Terabithia for the first time (I picked something I had a realistic chance of finishing before leaving my gracious hosts in New York). On Sunday [August 4], toward the bottom of page 84, I came across the following conversation:

“That whole Jesus thing is really interesting, isn’t it?”

“What d’you mean?”

“All those people wanting to kill him when he hadn’t done anything to hurt them.” She hesitated. “It’s really kind of a beautiful story — like Abraham Lincoln or Socrates — or Aslan.”

I love coincidences!


Somewhat-related update [10/23]:

Here’s Colbert, deciding between two Jesi back in 2006:

Colbert picking between Jesi


5 thoughts on “Reza Aslan can’t talk about Jesus? Reza Aslan literally is Jesus”

  1. Nice post. You should watch the clip though, it’s entertaining.

    While Lauren Green’s questions were definitely absurd, I still thought Aslan handled the questions poorly. He knows that FOX caters to the Religious Right, who are likely to be hostile towards his book because:
    1) He is a Muslim.
    2) He is an academic.
    3) His main thesis is that Jesus’s preoccupation was primarily political and not religious. [Although I haven’t read the book]

    When he was attacked for writing about Jesus as a Muslim, he attempted to defend himself by spouting off how many PhDs and faculty appointments he has. That is, he wanted to claim that his academic credentials afforded him the right to write about Jesus. That’s a terrible response considering (2) above! What he needed to do, IMO, was challenge the notion that anyone should be excluded from writing about any topic. People can accept the arguments or reject them once they have taken the time to read through them, but the identity of the author is not really relevant.

    He had an opportunity to say that anyone can write about Jesus. Obviously the first amendment protects such speech, but the dialogue itself also improves when a diverse array of thinkers contribute their ideas. Instead, he emphasized that he should be allowed to write about Jesus because of his academic credentials?! That is wrong, and an unwise choice of words for this audience.


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