Still pining for Breaking Bad? Lucky you, it lives on — for now

Presumably, you are aware that yesterday marked the final episode of Breaking Bad. The show first blipped onto my personal radar as one of AMC’s two flagship original programs (along with Mad Men, which I’ve been all over for a while). Though I’ve never seen an episode, I am planning to watch the whole show some day (perhaps once it’s all up on Netflix). Remarkably, the finale has not yet been spoiled for me – and I’d like to keep it that way.

In the meantime, I couldn’t help but notice that those who have seen Breaking Bad just can’t get enough of it — to the extent that some have even found reason to make the pilgrimage out to Albuquerque. So for those of you suffering through symptoms of withdrawal in the wake of the finale, have no fear — the dream of the 90s may be alive in Portland, but the dream of Breaking Bad is alive in San Francisco:

Or as I prefer to think of the incident that saw the Niners linebacker blocked by a tree (surprise! the title of this post was a pun! as is this):

braking bad final

No, I probably shouldn’t be making jokes at the expense of a man suffering through serious addiction and substance abuse issues. But those issues couldn’t be possibly be all that serious if “the 49ers let him practice just four hours after running his truck into a tree” and then let him play the following Sunday.


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