Meet the boy who had a fetus removed from his belly

A story emerged today of a two year-old boy from China who underwent a surgical procedure to remove a twin growing inside of him:

When Xiao Feng was admitted to a hospital in China with an extremely swollen stomach, doctors made a pretty disturbing find: The 2-year-old boy was carrying his own twin inside his stomach.

In other words, his mother’s womb originally housed two fetuses, but one absorbed the other and emerged as an only child. Lucky for him, or his parents would have had to choose which One Child to keep.

As it turns out, this is a fairly common occurrence. I don’t say this on the basis of the scientific figures cited by Newser, but because just such an event has even been described on national television:

Putting on my thinking cap: If the exact same thing happened to Dwight 45+ years ago, and is again happening to Xiao Feng right now, maybe Xiao Feng is in fact Future Dwight.


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