Allegations of anti-Semitism at Hobby Lobby way overblown

Oklahoma-based chain-store Hobby Lobby has come under considerable criticism due to the fact that, according to the NY Daily News, “its stores do not carry Jewish holiday decorations”:

The controversy erupted Friday after blogger Ken Berwitz posted an article on political website Hopelessly Partisan after receiving word that Hobby Lobby stores in Marlboro Township, N.J., refused to sell menorahs and other Jewish holiday items.

“One of our friends entered the store, asked where the Chanukah goods were, was told there wouldn’t be any, and asked why,” Berwitz wrote. “According to her, the answer was: ‘We don’t cater to you people.’”

OK, so the “you people” thing might have been a step or two too far, but the mere fact that Hobby Lobby stores fail to sell menorahs is by no means prima facie evidence of what the Daily News insists is “anti-Semitism”. I would simply argue that those up in arms (branches?) have failed to consider the broad definition of what constitutes a “Jewish holiday decoration” in America today:


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