Elisheva Goldberg, notorious anti-Israel activist, supports Occupy Zion

You may find it surprising to learn that Elisheva Goldberg recently expressed sympathy for a movement known as “Occupy Zion.” Indeed, she said, and I quote — avast, some original reportage — “That’s an occupation I can get behind.”

If you don’t find that surprising, you don’t know Elisheva Goldberg, notorious anti-Israel activist. She herself, the blog she helped found, and the organization for which she now works are hardly known for reinforcing positive associations with the words “Occupy” and “Zion.”

So what was it about putting those words together that prompted Goldberg to express support?

Perhaps, you might suppose, the “Occupy” is not meant to be taken literally, but is instead meant as a reference to the amalgamation of Occupy Wall Street and de-Occupy West Bank that some tried to inject into the political protests of late 2011. “Occupy Zion”, then, is more an expression of protest than any sort of command.

Or maybe it occurred to you that the “Zion” in question is not a physical location, but is instead incorporeal — take Zion Square, a website currently owned by a merry band of cybersquatters who hastily put together a collection of bits in an attempt to spoil the blog — also Zion Square — Elisheva had worked months to create.

But no, I assure you, the “Occupy Zion” in question is meant to be taken quite literally — having to do with the actual possession of a physical piece of property known as Zion.

Via The Salt Lake Tribune, allow me to introduce you to the real Occupy Zion:

Occupy Zion

If even Elisheva approves, I think it’s safe to say protesting the government shutdown is an Occupation we can all get behind.


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