I’d rather be checking for a Colbert lump

Admittedly, my previous post — Stephen Colbert hides a secret message in the closed captioning — also concerned Mr. Colbert, but that was written two whole weeks ago! Paper Treiger is therefore in no danger of turning into a Colbert(-related information) dump; I prefer to look at it as long overdue for a Colbert bump.

Moreover, I have good reason for addressing a single topic in consecutive installments — both posts highlight a Colbert (transcription service) flump* in connection with a body part located anterior to the Colbert rump. Take a look at the latest example after the Colbert jump:

Colbert begging to cut my balls

He actually said “cup”, as in a doctor checking for a Colbert lump [bad news for the prospects of a Colbert hump], but whoever was responsible for transcription was clearly influenced by the segment’s title, I Tried to Sign Up for Obamacare – Health Care House of Horrors.

Horrors, indeed.


I wasn’t sure about “flump” either, so I looked it up. Turns out, it works perfectly in context!*


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