Colin Kaepernick’s trip to London seems to have changed him

Let’s do young and talented NFC West QBs back-to-back!

This past Sunday, the San Francisco 49ers faced off against the Jacksonville Jaguars at Wembley Stadium. The Niners won, as expected, and the details of the game are likely to soon be forgotten.

But the trip to England seems to have left an indelible mark on San Fran’s young QB, Colin Kaepernick. If you’re wondering, In what sense?, you’re on the right track. By way of half an answer, here’s what Firefox spellcheck tries to do with his name:


If you’re now wondering, What does this have to do with Kaepernick’s trip to the UK?, you’re asking the wrong question. You should be wondering, What in the world is “pernickety”?

Let me help you:


This is where I’d like to point out that Kaepernick is more of the hair-shaving than the hair-splitting sort of chap, but that would be rather persnickety, innit?


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