My two favorite highlights from Russell Wilson’s post-game interview

I don’t want to dwell on last night’s “game”, so let’s take this opportunity to briefly revisit the Seattle Seahawks’ escapades on Thursday Night Football against the Arizona Cardinals, a game they won relatively easily, 34-22.

More specifically, let’s take a look at what happened immediately after the game came to an end, namely, when (his name is) Russell (last name) Wilson trotted out for a short interview with the NFL Network crew:

The whole thing’s adorable if you’re into that sort of thing (aaaaand you’re pregnant at the 9:02 mark), but I just want to highlight two things you might not have noticed without paying close attention to the full twelve minute clip.

One: Thursday Night Football has rightly attracted a lot of derision as a desperate attempt to raise revenue while increasing the risk of player injury. And it’s garnered a reputation for bad football, to boot. The various criticisms comes down to one fundamental fact: after playing Sunday, the NFL is asking players to return to the field too damn early.

How early?

So early that the NFL Network is still running predictions for how the game is going to turn out after it’s already all over:

NFL Network Prediction

At least Harrison got it right — that could have been embarrassing.

[NB: That crowd is the 12th man on the road, and only the ones who had been sitting in the 100 level.]

Two: When the Seahawks played the 49ers in Week 2, Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick famously bet that the loser would be obligated to shave an eyebrow. Kaepernick, of course, lost:

Though he was clearly under no obligation to do so, Russell Wilson seems to have similarly removed his lower eyebrow (broadly defined):

Honorable Wilson

I like to imagine Russell is playing a game of reverse hangman, but with his “eyebrows”. He’s already down one thanks to the Seahawks loss to the Colts in Week 5, and if the Hawks lose again this season, he’ll shave another, and so on.

Assuming my inclination is correct, I have a strong feeling that when all is said and done, Russell Wilson will have managed to hold onto both his real eyebrows. Also, the beautiful lightning-shaped scar on his forehead.


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