Google bombs now targeting the animal kingdom

When Google revamped its google results to include a sample of Google images whenever users conduct a routine web google, I pointed out* that the new format opened new and creative possibilities for Google-bombing.

*Specifically, I noted that it was now possible to Google-bomb someone’s face, ensuring that when someone googled a particular name, the first image result would depict someone else.

A year and a half later, like an out-of-control zoonotic disease, the phenomenon has escaped the confines of intra-human interaction, and has gotten loose in the animal kingdom.

Behold, the result of a simple google for the word “Civet”, an animal you might recognize from the fact that coffee beans that have passed through its digestive tract are considered a delicacy:

Civet fail

But everybody knows that result is totally rong! In other words, the question mark is completely appropriate: that’s no civet — that’s a binturong!*


For shame, Google. For shame.

Clearly, this is just more impetus to step up universal biology education.

And how did I figure this out? More on these guys in a future post.


*For the record, also known as the bearcat.


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