Clinton Bookers Warren

Exactly five months ago, on the day Hillary Clinton debuted her new Twitter handle, I took the opportunity to highlight how a fellow Democrat with his own potential aspirations for 2016 had taken the opportunity to crash Hillary’s party:

So the primary challenger in the primaries who Smith called out by name — Newark Mayor Cory Booker — wasted absolutely no time in taking the opportunity to demonstrate that he has a slightly firmer grasp on what’s hip/cool/fresh/what the kids are into than does stodgy old Hillary… by advertising on Twitter:

Hillary and Corey

In case you were curious whether he planned to run for President — no, no, no need for concern: he’s just running for the Senate!

Well, now it’s Hillary’s turn to stake her claim to the 2016 Democratic nomination. In Noam Schreiber’s profile of Elizabeth Warren for the New Republic — focused mainly on the threat she may or may not pose to Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary — it was hard to miss the advertisement dropped right into the middle of the article:

Clinton Bookers Warren

if you prefer not to zoom in, here’s a close-up:

Hillary enlarged

Now, to be fair, the article does talk about Hillary and her bid for the Presidency, and I’m sure no one over at Google Ad Services took the time to vet this article and make sure it wouldn’t be a little awkward to run this ad in this spot. Which is to say, all this probably wouldn’t be worthy of a post save for two factors:

1. I already wrote about Corey crashing Hillary so it only seemed fair to follow up with an example of Hillary crashing Liz.

2. Seeing that slightly-enlarged big red HER in an ad reminded me of another her in a different AD:



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