Xbox: Just insensitive advertising or is it grave-dancing?

Because it somewhat reminded me of a previously-published post (It seems everybody’s rooting for San Francisco — could this help explain why?), I was originally planning to let this screenshot of a popular Seahawks blog speak for itself:

AP XboxOne

Awkward, right?

But then I realized this situation is a little different from what I complained about previously. When a San Francisco team store was running ads on a Seahawks website soon after they were eliminated from the playoffs, I summed my feelings up by quoting Ahasuerus: “Will he also assault the queen while I am in the house?”. [Fun fact about Ahasuerus: he’s the only King with a name that belongs on a dinosaur, T-Rex notwithstanding.]

But this time, it’s not like Xbox placed an ad featuring Marshawn Lynch on the Viking’s website right after he scored three touchdowns on his way to a blowout victory. Fans from Minnesota might never experience the humiliation of this juxtaposition, so long as they never bother to check out what Seahawks fans thought about today’s game. By now, you know where this is going. To the Vikings blog!

Marshawn on Norseman

Now, I can hear your questions already: doesn’t Xbox have some sort of sponsorship deal that just might change the course of the entire NFL? Why would Microsoft go out of its way to jeopardize that special relationship by taunting? They just learned first-hand that the NFL is all about not taunting!

You’re just going to have to trust me that this was no accident, this was Seatown Pride. And if for some reason you don’t, just take one look at the team the Seahawks share much more than a stadium with:



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