Stephen Colbert comes out of the closet, basically

During last night’s Colbert Report, Colbert Reported on plans to boycott the 2014 Olympics because of host country Russia’s harsh treatment of homosexuals.

In the course of his segment, Colbert belittled one athlete’s attempt to protest by wearing a rainbow pin in Sochi as follows:

Colbert spanx 1

Colbert spanx 2

In case you don’t feel like embiggening to read the caption, that’s, “Hey, Blake, do you really need to wear the rainbow pin when you’re wearing the man spanx?”

Colbert makes an excellent point. So I’ll just present the following and let you draw what conclusions you will (or what conclusions my headline told you to):


Surprising, to say the least, for a staunch conservative who usually manages to keep a straight face while expressing his strong aversion to bears.


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