Make up your mind, NYHS

Welcome to Paper Treiger, home to all things How-to-spell-Chanuka. Two years ago, I examined Google’s schizophrenic and discriminatory approach to the holiday, and just last week, published a nearly-comprehensive guide to every possible spelling of Thanksgivvukah. So I feel somewhat obligated to throw together this post.

The very same day I published this year’s guide, I (and I imagine many of you) received an email from the principal of my high school. The subject line — “Happy Chanukah” — seemed appropriate given the email’s inclusion of a specially-designed* graphic for the occasion:

nyhs chanukah

Aside from the inexplicable Purim mask** – so far, so good.***

But then we come to the text of the email. Over three percent this text (6 words out of 192) referred directly to the Jewish holiday referenced in the subject line. I imagine that, by now, you know what’s coming next:

This year’s very rare coincidence of Hanukah and Thanksgiving reminds us of the many things for which we are grateful.  Thanksgiving and Hanukah share a common theme. [Emphasis added.]

Listen: either spelling is fine, even if Google insists on showing results for “Hanukkah” when you search “Hanukah.” But I’m fairly certain that — had the email included just four**** more “Hanukah”s — we’d be looking at no higher than a B right now from Dr. Jones.*****


*You can tell the image was specially-designed either from its inclusion of the NYHS logo (about which I have also written) or from the fact that it is identified as the product of a member of the class of 2017 (I am so old).

**I guess they’re both Rabbinic holidays?

***In all seriousness, it was a thoughtful email and I enjoyed receiving and reading it.

****In fairness, eight, because who’s to say which spelling is the mistake? Plus, eight is a more appropriate number for the holiday.

*****Yes, I am aware, the writer of the email likely had nothing to do with the subject line.


7 thoughts on “Make up your mind, NYHS”

      1. Ha. As a lawyer, you probably won’t be woken up in the middle of the night by your job quite as often as I am.


      2. Everything starts warming up for the day at 4:00. There are lots of things that can go wrong between 4:00 and whenever I’d actually want to wake up for the day.


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