Finally, a reasonable explanation for the 49ers billboard in Fife

It’s been called the Insuffera-Bowl: the epic denouement of the NFC West’s 2013, a face-off between two teams the rest of the Football universe has had enough of.

Fans in Seattle and San Francisco would agree, but only up to a point (exactly 50%, if you must know): they love their own teams and [the opposite] one another. And so the rivalry has degenerated into a series of semi-juvenile pranks: 12th men flew their flag over Candlestick in December, paid for a brick in Levi’s Stadium, and have even stooped so low as to prank call a 49ers fan.

Unsurprisingly, San Francisco was not going to take all that lying down. Here’s an article from December:

The budding rivalry between the NFC West teams will be ratcheted up even more in the coming weeks, when a group from the City by the Bay erects a taunting billboard somewhere in Seattle. It will play on the fact that San Francisco has won five Super Bowls compared to the Seahawks’ current total of zero.

Cute idea, I suppose. Just one problem — the billboard they settled on was not exactly “somewhere in Seattle”:

A group of 49ers fans who raised money for a billboard in Seattle to brag about their team’s five Super Bowl trophies got their sign – but it’s nowhere near CenturyLink Field.

The digital billboard is just north of Fife, about 27 miles from downtown Seattle.

27 miles from the Clink? In Fife? What in the world were these guys thinking? Do they not have a map? But it all made sense the moment I remembered who we’re dealing with. At 27 miles, Fife is actually much closer to downtown Seattle than Santa Clara is to San Francisco:

SF Park

These guys have no idea how to find a stadium in any sort of reasonable location. I’m just surprised they didn’t assume the Clink is all the way out in Puyallup.


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