Look who’s tracking back to me now

WordPress tracks certain visitor statistics. It doesn’t break down information visitor-by-visitor, but it does tell you, in the aggregate, how they made it to your blog, what pages they looked at, where in the world they come from, and what they clicked on while they were around.

This morning, I noticed something curious: someone had pointed to Paper Treiger from Buzzfeed. That alone was somewhat unusual. But the mystery deepened when I saw the specific url:


Oh no. My — obvious — first thought was that I’d said something offensive. I know I’m not so good at filtering. And now, I was about to make it onto a list of annoying things people say to Muslims all the time because they just don’t get it. Whoops. I imagined last week’s 21 Things That Happen When You Don’t Eat Meat, except I’d be coming at it from the other side.

I expected the worst. I had to click.

And I had my Avital Chizhik-in-the-NYTimes moment. The list’s full title turned out to be 12 Signs That You Are Probably A Muslim Living In America #MuslimProblems. More importantly, nearly every single item on the list was immediately familiar to this Orthodox Jew. Replace Eid with Succot, Muslim with Jew, Arabic with Hebrew, and Buzzfeed could have a whole ‘nother listicle on its hands. As if we need another one.

The only item I couldn’t really relate to:

Muslim list number 4

(But now I’ll be sure to feel awkward that I don’t.)

Hey, Buzzfeed – how about instead of all these insanely specific target audiences, you run something more like 17 minority groups that share a reasonably similar lived experience?

Just a thought.

And as for the item that linked back to me – the one that had me thinking fadicha? It was this:

Muslim list number 3

Why yes, I did take that screenshot myself. Yes, I do know exactly what she’s talking about (or, more specifically, my brother does).

And yes, fadicha is an Arabic word commonly used in Israel. Which reminds me:

Muslim list number 2


And in case you’re thinking to yourself, Finally a post that isn’t about football (after seven in a row that were, including one about futbol), WRONG. That Chris Pratt screenshot was all about Beast Mode. Go Hawks!


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