Marshawn Lynch has made a name for himself in Beast Mode. But what kind of Beast is he?

Marshawn Lynch was in Beast Mode long before he showed up in Seattle via mid-season trade in 2010. And it didn’t take long for him to demonstrate why he earned that nickname:

But all this begs an obvious question, as you may have gathered from the subject line of this post: just what species of beast is he?

We got a preliminary answer during last week’s game, when the broadcast briefly cut away to the Seattle aquariam for a quick peek at Marshawn Pinch:

And while the contrast between that little guy and the one pictured at the top of this post is adorable, I think it’s obvious that a creature who could have just as easily been named Marshawn Inch hardly does the star running back justice.

But credit where it’s due: the water zoo just might have at least been on the right track. Marshawn Lynch is a hermit crab all right — they just picked the wrong species. Here’s WIRED, with the story:

Real Marshawn

An enormous and fearsome beast with a penchant for coconuts and cats?*

Yeah, that sounds about right:


*This would have made more sense were the Seahawks playing Carolina for the NFC Championship, but by the transitive property of football, the 49ers’ victory over the Panthers last week allowed San Francisco to absorb the big cats’ powers,** so we’re all good. Go with it.

**The process, as explained by Dwight Schrute:***

***Also a Hawks**** fan

****Go Hawks.


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