Seahawks fans might want to be a little more cautious

Some 12th men up in Ferndale (home of the Jake Locker) decided that the best way to prepare for the coming Super Bowl against the Denver Broncos would be to destroy a Ford Bronco:

Very clever, guys. OJ would approve; I, on the other hand, do not.

For one, obviously, ba’al tashchit. But I’ll give these guys the benefit of the doubt because they’re from the Pacific Northwest, and assume the car no longer ran, was slated for demolition anyway, and that its constituent material will somehow be composted.

For two, Hawks fans might want to be considerably more circumspect about the whole vehicle-as-football team metaphor:*


*In case you’re skeptical this “isolated” crash is a worthy counterpart to the Ferndale shenanigans, keep in mind that one of the craft’s** two operators*** keeps its academy and space commend in Colorado Springs.

**That is, Seahawk. If you want to be a stickler, here, but I’m warning you, it’s not as spectacular.

***The other is the Marines.


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