The worst article about Seattle sports ever written

It’s nice to have your team land in the Superbowl. For two wonderful weeks, your city attracts media attention from every corner of the internet. Especially in Seattle, we don’t get a lot of it — which is why it’s important the national media get the facts right: They might not check in again for a while,

Many failed. Unfairly or not, I’m going to single out one egregious example, just to make Richard Sherman proud of me. In my own preemptive defense, this article has been up for five days now, and FOX still hasn’t managed to correct even the most basic egregious errors I noticed in my initial read-through. A few examples.

1. The headline: “Seattle hoping Seahawks bring home elusive championship.”

I suppose that’s fine as far as it goes, but is that really the article’s title? Trying to share it on Facebook — or holding your cursor over the open article’s tab — tells a different story: “Seattle praying Seahawks bring home elusive championship.” (Try this at home!) And as everybody knows, FOX better than anyone, Seattle doesn’t pray.

2. The feature photograph:


I have no problem with the article noting that since the Seattle Metropolitans were the first American team to come away with the Stanley Cup, “Seattle won only one other major sports championship.” But once the Storm — and their two WNBA championships — are out of the discussion, dragging Sue Bird back into this seems somewhat disrespectful.

3. Excerpt 1: “Seattle won only one other major sports championship. And that trophy now resides in Oklahoma City.”

Maybe this is meant to be figurative, but that trophy is actually safely on display at the Museum of History and Industry in South Lake Union (near Amazon, in Seattle). Hands off, Clay Bennett.

4. Excerpt 2: “The good times returned in the 1990s. Payton arrived from Oregon State. He was joined by Sam Perkins, Hersey Hawkins and Detlef Schrempf. Then they got 19-year-old Sean Kemp, who blossomed into the Reign Man.”

S-H-A-W-N Kemp. These are the Sonics we’re talking about here, not the Celtics. But hey, nailed “Detlef Schrempf.” And my favorite thing about this narrative? Kemp was drafted in 1989, before any of those guys ever tried on a Sonics uniform for size: Payton – 1990; Schrempf – 1993; Perkins – 1993; Hawkins – 1995. Also, technically, before the 1990s.

I will give the article credit for getting a lot right — for instance, I enjoyed this little sequence and haven’t come across the quote anywhere else:

And you wonder why the town that loved the NBA can now barely stand to watch it? Payton refuses to let the Thunder retire his jersey.

“It’s nothing against Oklahoma City,” he said, “but I didn’t play in Oklahoma City.”

So kudos for presumably putting in the legwork.

But the article also contains enough small, questionable assertions to balance this sort of thing out – beyond the really egregious examples I just picked out – that I really have to wonder who at FOX News is checking the facts.

Just kidding – that’s not something I ever have to worry about. (No one. The answer is no one.)


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