What is Russell Wilson’s spirit animal?

Very important question, this.

I’ve already investigated the identity of Marshawn Lynch’s inner Beast (Mode), so now it’s Russell Wilson’s turn. This might be a bit tougher, as Wilson seems to attract more comparisons to other people than to animals. Everyone likens him to Fran Tarkenton. Back before the season, I described his similarity to Harry Potter.

But now comes an article from ESPN likening Russell to Harry Houdini, aptly titled Russell Wilson is Houdini of QBs. And while I see the similarities between the famous escape artist and Houdini himself, I think the article might have inadvertently made a stronger case for the identity of Wilson’s spirit animal:

Erik Weisz was born in Budapest, Hungary, but his greatest feats of escape and astonishment came in, of all places, New York.

On April 18, 1916, the illusionist and escape artist known as Harry Houdini took off his jacket and allowed assistants to wrap him in a straitjacket. His feet were tied together, and he was hoisted by a crane used to help build the New York subway system. Suspended 100 feet above the streets of Manhattan, watched by thousands below, an upside-down Houdini wriggled and wrenched and somehow managed to free his arms. It all happened in less than three minutes.

This is kind of what Wilson does, except there are 11 guys trying to put him on the ground. He doesn’t quite pull off the disappearing elephant — something Houdini accomplished two years later at New York’s Hippodrome Theatre. But Sunday, about 5 miles from Manhattan as the crow flies, Wilson will attempt to escape the Denver Broncos‘ defense.

Two weeks ago, ESPN’s Chris Berman sat down with Wilson. Every time Berman brought up a specific, spectacular play from the past two seasons, Wilson uncannily broke it down from memory — even to the identity of would-be tacklers.

“I remember these,” he said. “I never forget plays.”

Hear that? A Russell Wilson never forgets: He doesn’t have to match Houdini in order to “pull off the disappearing elephant” — he is the disappearing elephant!


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