How in the world did the Pentagon spend $300,000 studying Putin’s body language? I’ve got answers

Jon Stewart last night made hay with the revelation that the Pentagon has spent $300,000 studying Vladimir Putin’s body language while trying to resolve the ongoing situation in Crimea.

But how in the world did they spend all that money? Part of the answer can probably be determined by reading past the headline and checking the details of the story — that $300,000 was spent over five years, and analyzed the body language of numerous world leaders other than Putin. Imagine one low-level analyst employed full-time just to do that, and the amount begins to sound slightly less ridiculous. At least, government has come up with more absurd ways to waste money.

But I prefer a different theory. Here’s where I like to think that $300,000 for studying body language ended up:

I bet Mitt Romney had no idea he’d suggested cutting valuable defense spending when he proposed the end of Big Bird.