James Franco incident provides wonderful opportunity for a most appropriate advertisement

James Franco recently tried to lure an adoring fan to pay him a visit. A movie star trying to pick up women — a guy trying, unsuccessfully, to pick up women — doesn’t typically make headlines. But in this instance, said woman was actually a girl. She was adolescent. She was not of age. She was a minor. Yes, she was almost 18, but there is a line, and she had yet to cross it — and as a result, Franco almost did.

Said young lady subsequently used the internet — the same internet Franco had used to contact her — to share the preceding story with the world.

That story was in turn picked up by various news outlets, including one that inputs stories directly onto my phone, Newser. I imagine Newser imagined this story would be of considerable interest to parents of young women interested in protecting their daughters from 35 year old men. Not being a parent myself, I was personally more interested by the advertisement Newser opted to embed alongside the article — though it was presumably intended more for those concerned parents than for viewers like me. Enjoy:

Franco Screenshot

(And yes, that is a Windows Phone.)


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