Stephen Colbert could also stand to bring Nate Silver on the show

Last week, Jon Stewart committed an egregious offense against math that prompted me to suggest he recall Nate Silver to serve as something like an in-house mathematics expert. Now, it looks like Stephen Colbert could stand to make a similar move.

Last Tuesday, Colbert devoted the middle segment of his show to disparaging the “Common Core” federal education standards. To further his points, he held up two sample test questions for ridicule. Here’s the second of those two questions:

Mike saw 17 blue cars and 25 green cars at the toy store. How many cars did he see? Write a number sentence with a [grey box] for the missing number. Explain how the number sentence shows the problem.

Colbert’s response?

That’s easy. And if for some reason you don’t know what a number sentence is, I’m sure you could use a word equation or a formula paragraph.

First, Stephen, you’re going to pick on “number sentence”, but let “letter man” slide?

Second, Colbert is such a n00b. He doesn’t even know what a number sentence is. 1\’m pr377y 5ur3 7h3y l00k ju57 l1k3 7h15. Easy.


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