How badly did Bill O’Reilly miss the point in his attack on Beyoncé?

Bill O’Reilly has rightfully drawn criticism for his recent efforts to blame Beyoncé for teen pregnancy. Behold, the offending quote, excerpted with the help of FOX’s ever-helpful transcription service (wish Stewart and Colbert had one of these):

O’REILLY: No and that’s not my chief complaint. My chief complaint is that for adults I couldn’t care less. But [Beyoncé] knows —


O’REILLY: — this woman knows that young girls getting pregnant in the African-American community and now it’s about 70 percent out of wedlock. She knows and doesn’t seem to care Eboni. That’s my problem with her.

The problem with O’Reilly’s accusation runs far deeper than the fact — noted by numerous critics — that Queen Bey herself is happily married to Robinson Cano’s agent. And it runs deeper than the fact that Papa Bear seems largely unfamiliar one of the best music videos of all time — all time — that one might argue ought to be categorized as firmly in the pro-marriage camp.

It’s that, O’Reilly’s concern over the messages targeted at young girls seems entirely misplaced. When it comes to marriage, they — African-American or otherwise — are not exactly Beyoncé’s target audience:

“If you liked it then you should have put a ring on it”? As far as I can tell — with the help of Rap Genius (natch) — this particular, crucial line seems to be addressed to an audience somewhat different from “all the single ladies.”

Perhaps unbelievably, this represents the first time I’ve tagged a post with “Bill O’Reilly”. Ken yirbu.



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