The most public defecation of all time. All time.

Millions of visitors* were greeted, at some earlier point today, by this Huffington Post “splash” screen:

Huff post defecation face obscured

…one more publicly than them all…

Listen, I get it, HuffPo: posting a picture of a person pooping in public is a good way to provoke concern.  And that’s likely step one for finding a solution.

But — in addition to the public hygiene component of the problem — there is also a certain degree of human dignity at stake. Nobody deserves to have the world wide web watch them defecate in a dump.

And even if you think it’s no big deal, and that this kid will never learn of his prominent placement so that he could become embarrassed about it — you’re probably right, but considering that, according to the UN, more people on this planet have access to cellphones than toilets, the chance he will is certainly higher than zero.

Next time, perhaps a drop of consideration** is in order. Even if, for the people you’re covering, the toilet is permanently out.

*In November, 2013, Comscore measured that received 94 million unique visitors. The above wasn’t up all day, but it was up for some portion of the day.  And yes, this is what I was researching when I came across the observation that served as the observation of my previous post.

**Yes, reposting the picture here is somewhat hypocritical of me. But 1) the picture, as seen above, is much smaller than it appeared on HuffPo, 2) I obscured the child’s face, and 3) my traffic doesn’t match Arianna’s, yet.


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