Corrigendum for Ben Wyatt (of Parks and Rec)

[Warning: mild spoilers ahead for people who are mildly behind, like myself. (I haven’t sen the most recent episode.)]

In the second most-recent episode of Parks and Recreation, Ben Wyatt bemoans the state of his and Leslie’s finances.

We just spent our entire savings account on a trip to Paris. What were we thinking? We spent too much money on macaroons!

Wrong, Ben, you spent too much money on macarons — with one O.

Here’s the Wikipedia page for macaroons — two Os:

Wikipedia Macaroon

“For the French confection, see Macaron.”

And spelled the other way:

Wikipedia Macaron

“Not to be confused with Macaroon, Macron, Mac…”

And if you don’t trust Wikipedia, might Google at least convince you?

Google macarons

“Showing results for ‘paris macarons‘”

Two different things. Only one of them is likely to have been purchased in excessive quantity on a Paris vacation — and Ben, unfortunately, picked the other.

That said, I will readily admit that there is a plausible explanation for this slip-up by the normally-precise accountant — just check out the date of this episode’s release:

Parks and Rec, 6 19

That’s right — it came out on April 17, right in the middle of Passover. And if you took the time to read the Wikipedia article on macaroons quoted above, you’d know:

Italian Jews later adopted the cookie because it has no flour or leavening (macaroons are leavened by egg whites) and can be enjoyed during the eight-day observation of Passover. It was introduced to other European Jews and became popular as a year-round sweet. Over time, coconut was added to the ground almonds and, in certain recipes, replaced them. Potato starch is also sometimes included in the recipe, to give the macaroons more body.

And if you’re at all incredulous at my mild suggestion that Ben Wyatt thinking about the kosher for Passover snack during the holiday could have possibly been anything more than mere coincidence, might I remind you that just last week (by which I mean Season 6, Episode 18, which aired over a month ago) we learned that Ben’s family has at least some connection to the local synagogue, where they deposited his dog?

Ben Wyatt synagogue

Just saying.


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