Hey, Seattle: Act like you’ve been there before

The front page of this morning’s Seattle Times:

Seattle Times .500

“BACK TO .500”

Granted, .500 is a big accomplishment, compared to where the team has been at this point in the season for going on a decade now. But for the sake of perspective, this is a team that’s hovered around .500 for much of the season. It was .500 a scant two games before “Young, Mariners shut down Angels.” It went 5-5 over its past 10 matchups, which means that just 10 games ago, it was .500. I’m too lazy to count through this season’s wins and losses, but I suspect the Mariners have been at .500 several times this season. Having the same number of wins and losses might be an exciting development given where this fanbase has been, but at the end of the day, everything’s relative. World Series 2014, this ain’t.

It would be one thing had the Mariners lost the previous game, and dropped back to .500.You could have reasonably read the exact same headline as though it said, “Back to .500. These guys.” But they won, in relatively dominating fashion — and still, this is how the Seattle Times chose to present it. Reaching .500 after a win has more the ring of a loud and hearty “We’re ba-ack,” as though it’s some kind of achievement. As if the Mariners aren’t supposed to be a real baseball team.

As they say in the sport where Seattle’s team just won the trophy named after the they who said it, “When you go into the endzone, act like you’ve been there before.” And when you get to .500, maybe win another handful before breaking out the champagne.

Then again, #Mariners. Already back below .500. I could have just as easily cautioned, in the words of someone who had no conceivable connection to the city of Seattle, “Play each game like it’s the last… time you’ll ever see .500.”


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